How to Break Up with Your Phone by Catherine Price

📚 Today I finished How to Break Up with Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life by Catherine Price. The first half discusses the impacts of smartphone overuse and addiction, and the second half offers a pretty solid 30 day challenge for being more mindful of your phone use.

My library loan ran out before I could complete the challenge. I had already done several of the tasks on the challenge - removing apps, reducing notifications, cleaning up other areas of my digital life like groups/friends on social media and email subscriptions.

I really liked the idea of boundaries, or as Price describes “no phone zones” and the “phone wakeup time.” No Phone Zone is pretty self explanatory (no phones at the dinner table), but I’m still having a hard time making the bedroom a No Phone Zone. The Phone Wakeup Time goes one step beyond not sleeping with your phone to having a set time in the morning where you don’t use it. My mornings are my time to do yoga, read, and sit down to eat breakfast so making this time phone-free (besides for audio books) is really nice.

For a bite size portion of this book, check out Catherine Price on the Ten Percent Podcast or sign up for a 7 day phone challenge at the Screen / Life Balance.